The Story of a Pixie Princess

Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived a little girl named Jade.  She was a precious gem and one of a kind.  Sadly though, Jade was feeling gloomy that day, with her unpolished nails and terribly rough heels. And, as she wandered along, thinking of a much needed “mani” and “pedi”, she came across a golden trail and a sign that read “Tranquillity Ahead!”

She decided to walk the golden trail and there awaited her a place so beautiful, a place filled with Glitter Foot Spas and Strawberry Facials, a place where all her pampering dreams would come true! And so she entered the magical world of… Pixie Pampers!


Why Choose Pixie Pampers?    


Pixie Pampers has been especially designed to meet the pampering needs and desires which every little girl dreams of having met, a place where she will be treated like a little princess.

Specializing in the provision of children’s Pamper Parties, offering a party service which is convenient for busy moms, Pixie Pampers is that perfect children's party idea that you have been searching for!

Our services offer young girls a totally unique experience, not only teaching them the importance of healthy skin care, but self confidence too.



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